Social2s (Social in 2 steps) is a Joomla! plugin to share your web pages within the most popular social networks: twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, google+, tumblr and VK.

There are a lots of Joomla! plugins that do that. So, why Social 2s is special?


 Social as fast as light

Social2s is focused on be fast. Really fast.

Social buttons have a lot of scripts. Even if you load it asynchronously, your webpage suffers a download time to loading it. Social2s doesn't load those files if is not required.

Furthermore, it uses Bootstrap, FontAwesome and JQuery resources, preloaded from Joomla core or required by many extensions, so it is highly probable that your webpage doesn't need to reload it again.

We have been very careful with details: social2s is html5 w3c fully compatible.

 pulpo test

Tons of customizations

Every webpage is different. With Social 2s you can customize every aspects of your social buttons: colours, shapes, positions, define what social network you want to show... 

With the PRO version you get extra customizations and features. You can define the styles of social buttons in category view (blog), use the modern css features, fixed position...

You can even to choose the default image to share with facebook (if your article hasn't one). We built an Opengraph system to assign functionalities to your webpage: supporting virtuemart, description, images... It's a great thing to improve your SEO.

social2s networks




 Tiny great features

Social2s can be triggered before or after contents, but, what if we want to display social2s in another place?  Injection makes the magic. You only have to define where you want to display the buttons (via class) and the plugin will do the rest.

s2s cookie1

Devil's cookies: if you are in EU you have observed the annoying messages about "this website uses cookies blablabla". The stupid cookie law requires to do that and every European webpage must display this warning.

Social2s allows you to respect the cookie law. If it is activated, once the user do click in the button, a warning will be shown to allow users to accept the use of cookies.  

 Another tiny great feature is CTA (Call to Action). The best way to get social impact is invite to your user to spread your contents. When the page is about to end CTA displays an awesome box to claim the attention.



   Funcionalidades  FREE   PRO 
  Custom sizes
  Icons and/or texts
  Different styles
  Support for OpenGraph
Automatic updates
Social customization
WhatsApp button
Support for JEvents  Download plugin for JEvents
WhatsApp button only in mobile    
CTA (Call to action)
Twitter Cards
Different behavior and styles in category view and article view only article
Fixed position
  Fade or scale transition only fade
  Image to share customization
Fill all the available space (very useful with mobile phones)
  EU Cookie law support
  Virtuemart (includes opengraph data) support
  Custom position 
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