The installation of Social2s is very simple. Once on your Joomla! backen, go to Extensions->Extension Manager->Install->Upload Package File. Then choose the Social2s downloaded file (you can download it here) and click on upload and install

If you upgraded from 1.0.x you should enter into the plugin options, set up and save changes.


To set up Social2s You have to go to Extensions->Plugins and search Social2s.


General Options:

  • General language: allows to force the buttons language. Autodetect is recommended.
  • Load FontAwesome: loads the amazing font FontAwesome. If your template uses FA you can disable it and save this load.
  • Load Jquery: loads JQuery framework.   If your template uses JQuery framework, you can disable it and save this load.
  • Load Bootstrap: loads Bootstrap buttons style. If your template uses Bootstrap (3.x) you can disable it and save this load.
  • Load social scripts on load: it loads the necessary scripts when the page is loaded. If you want to get the best speed keep it in "no".


  • Debug: displays information to debug.
  •  OpenGraph fb debug: displays opengraph information. You can debug and access to the fb and twitter tools to debug  your url.


  • Minify debug: scripts and styles are minified to download as fast as it can. With this options you load unminified stuff to hunt and destroy bugs.


  •  Load Base: it loads the default base css file to get all work properly. Deactivate only if you want to extremely customize the plugin... and only if you know what are you doing ;)
  •  Base: by default, clicking in a button displays a fading balloon.  Modern style uses a softer and more elegant CSS3 scale transition.


License: shows your license state. Developing Social 2s requires a lot of efforts and dedication. If you've read this far and this plugin helps you to your web, You may want to buy PRO version or, at least write a review in Thanks! ;)


Since 2.0 version, the behavior and style of social buttons are splitted between article view and category view. 

  • Active: Activates the plugin in article view (com_content).
  • Preview: displays a preview of your configuration.  Note that it is only a preview. Css styles of your template, components of plugins can modify the final frontend display.

Article view customization:

  • Style: there is a few styles that you can use. 
    • Default: bootstrap default style. If we are lucky, the colour of the buttons will match with your template (if it is properly configured).
      • s2s grouped
    • Colour: buttons have the social network colour.
      • s2s coloured
    • Dark: recommended to dark templates.
      • s2s dark
    • Icon_colour: icons in colour.
      • s2s no signs
    • lumen: button lumen style
      • lumen
  • Buttons position: displays buttons after, before of contents or both.
  • Buttons style: shows buttons with FontAwesome style, image style or neither. We recommend FontAwesome for speed and quality. Use images only in case of FontAwesome error. You can choose no style if You want display only text buttons.
  • Fill: with this option, the buttons will try to fill the whole space available. It is very useful in mobile views or category view.
  • Group buttons: uses "btn-group" Bootstrap classe to group buttons.

s2s grouped  s2s non grouped

  • Buttons size: Increase or decrease the bootstrap button size.
  • Buttons align: allow align the buttons group to left, right or center.
  • Signs: uses icon signs (FontAwesome only).

With signs s2s signs   Without signs  s2s no signs

  •  Show text: shows social network name in text mode. You can deactivate buttons style option to display only text.

 s2s icon text

  • Load styles: (recommended) loads custom built-in styles.
  • Balloon position: defines if the balloon apears on or bellow the buttons.

Position fixed:

  •   Fixed position: it puts the buttons in a fixed position.
  • Min width: it puts in a fixed position only if the device has at least this width value.
  • Mode: Horizontal or vertical.
  • Align x: alignment in horizontal axys.
  • Align y: alignment in vertical axys.


Since 2.0 version you can define the behavior in category view. Here you can find the category view options (similar to article view options).

Same as article: it takes the article view options.

Social networks:

Plus button: it Inserts a "+" button to display or hide the desired social buttons.

s2s order

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus, Tumblr, Vk: allows You activate or deactivate different social networks. Use that you consider most useful for your users.

Twitter via: Insert "yourtwitteruser" (without @... anyway, we will remove it if you insert it :D).

OpenGraph: Inserts opengraph meta tags. OpenGraph is used by Facebook and Linkedin.

Use OG default image (pro): allows use a custom image to share in Facebook and Linkedin. 

  • Never: It never will use custom image. It will try to get the image from the current article.
  • Always: It will use custom image.
  • Except contents: It will use custom image if article hasn't intro-image or fullarticle-image.
  • Last chance: It will use custom image by default if It can not find intro-image, full-article image or article lacks images.

Default image: select the default image to display in og and twitter cards.


Include/exclude category: allows to choose the inclusion / exclusion of one or more categories.

Category: selected categories will be included or excluded  depending on the previous option.

Include/exclude article: allows to choose the inclusion / exclusion of one or more articles.

Articles: selected articles will be included or excluded  depending on the previous option.

PRO features:

Variables (pro): allows you to pass a variable to change the behavior in a page. Those are the variable you can define: 

s2s_style=['default', 'colour','dark','icon_colour']


Virtuemart support (pro)allows to use Social 2s buttons on virtuemart product view.

Important!  You need to select the "activate joomla plugins" option in "Virtuemart->Configuration->Shop" to trigger the Social 2s Plugin.

Sales Price, currency, date start and end...: it generate OpenGraph metatags of this information to get a better SEO.


Activate EU Cookies Law (pro): activate the mechanism by which users must authorize the use of social cookies.

Soport for Cookie Confirm Component: it brings support for CCC. If user accept cookies in the component, it won't be necessary to activate it in Social 2s.

Cookie policy link: links to the cookie policy article.

s2s cookie1 s2s cookie2

Element Injection:

Insert (pro): allows to insert buttons within any element of the page.

Position: determines the position of element

Element class: You can select an element by their class (without dot).



Email to validate: enter the email address from shich you made your purchase and enjoy PRO features ;)

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